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Fam Wealth Network has been committed to the struggle of common average everyday people in regards to the global economic meltdown which started around 2008. Our team of financial professionals, programmers, and visionaries have recognized that the block chain technology along with crypto currency and in particular Bitcoin has the capability of redistributing the wealth around the world and change the mind sets of people when it comes to value, currencies and common peer to peer transactions. The Fam Wealth Network has been created in order to help average people not only accumulate a digital stored unit of value called crypto currency but also to help manifest a much different economic reality for people of all walks of life. We are truly committed and dedicated to our vision to free average people from the concept that only financial institutions can create value or transactions. Value can be attained anytime any object is utilized several times as a unit of exchange through multiple transactions. Bitcoin has yet to explode into the value which is predicted to come. Some say Bitcoin can become 1 million per unit within the near future. Recently it has been reported that Bitcoin could reach 100K per unit within the next year, which ever the case we all realize that there is merely 21 million Bitcoin and only 16 million in circulation with 5 million to be mined within the next 130 years therefore we know that the demand for this unique product will not diminish nor cease to exist it will surely continue to grow as now all the big wall street investor firms have shown interest and are ready to start dumping billions into the Crypto Currency industry. The Fam Wealth Networks mission is to make sure that the average common person does not miss out on this unique opportunity to create generational wealth for themselves and there families. The Fam Wealth Network has a genuine passion to engage the people into a more decentralized economic existence which will free them from economic tyranny. True Financial freedom is the ultimate goal and objective for the members of the Fam Wealth Network.

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Income Streams


0.046 BTC

Fam Net Genesis 2x3

  • One time fee 0.046 BTC
  • Earn 0.26 BTC Each Cycle
  • 2x3 Forced Matrix
  • Unlimited Recycles
  • No monthly Fee
  • Free Replicating Website

Sr. Executive

0.21 BTC

Wealth Flash 2x2

  • One time fee 0.21 BTC
  • Earn 0.50 BTC Each Cycle
  • 2x2 Forced Matrix
  • Unlimited Recycles
  • No monthly Fee
  • Free Replicating Website


1.05 BTC

Power Of Wealth 2x3

  • One time fee 1.05 BTC
  • Earn 7.00BTC Each Cycle
  • 2x3 Forced Matrix
  • Unlimited Recycles
  • No monthly Fee
  • Free Replicating Website


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